Bitcoin (BTC) Surges to $4800 USD on Coinbase

QUEBEC, CANADA – Bitcoin has soared to record breaking highs in price today hitting $4800 USD based on readings from Coinbase. From the beginning, Bitcoin has captivated the intrigue and curiosity of many, particularly those who were tech-savvy or listened to podcasts in the early days, which was where I first discovered it.

Today, on September 1st 2017, we’ve seen this digital currency evolve from well under a dollar in 2010 to now spiking $4800, at the time of this news release.

I spoke with an individual whom was involved in both Bitcoin and Litecoin mining, and this is what he had to say:

“When I first discovered cryptocurrency mining, I went out and purchased 10 GPUs (graphics processing units), specifically the ATI R270X, and started assembling mining rigs. I am sure there are much better GPUs out there now specifically designed for mining. Long story short, after months of mining, Litecoin tanked. I was devastated. I did the whole ‘set it and forget it’ thing with my wallet. The monetary value was so low that it was not even worth the effort of transferring it out so I kept it in my wallet. When I logged into my Coinbase and saw that it has jumped to record breaking highs, since its inception, I immediately cashed out to USD and withdrew the funds.”

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