Newman Says Broncos Bus Crash Memories Still Fresh In His Mind

Hal Newman was 18 years old and a very young paramedic when he had to attend to the crash victims of the Broncos bus crash incident that took place in August 1978.... Read more »

New Brunswick Government Cancels Snow Plow Manufacturing Deal

The New Brunswick Government announced that they have canceled the contract with Quebec Company for manufacturing snow plow. Roger Melanson, the transport minister, made the announcement of the cancellation of contract on... Read more »

What’s In Store For Quebecers In The Pre-Election Budget?

The elections in Quebec are just six months away. Hence, the Couillard government will be looking to come out with a budget that will please the masses. The government will be expecting... Read more »

Quebec Finds Saving Woodland Caribou Is A Costly Affair

  There is hardly very few woodland caribou is left in Quebec. The government has said that saving the herd of the endangered caribou that is left in Quebec is becoming too... Read more »

Quebec Government To Invest $11 Million For The Homeless

The Quebec government announced $11 million boost for housing the homeless and other related services. Lucie Charlebois, the public Health Minister made the announcement on Tuesday. The money allotted will be used... Read more »

46 Million Liters Of Sewage Dumped Into St. Lawrence River

A warning was sounded to the residents of Quebec City that about 46 liters of sewage water will be let into the St. Lawrence River from Thursday night. It will be a... Read more »

Quebec Controls Use Of Pesticides To Protect Honeybees

Quebec wants to control the use of certain pesticides by farmers, which are harmful to honeybees. The farmers now need to get permission to use certain pesticides from licensed agronomist. The lists... Read more »

Saving Lives Is The Main Aim Of Quebec Suicide Prevention Week

The lives of the people are very precious and suicide is not the solution to one’s problems. Those who are thinking that suicide is the best way to get rid of their... Read more »

Federal Government To Lease Icebreakers From Davie Shipyard

The negotiations to lease at least four icebreakers from Quebec’s shipyard Davie is all set to be initiated by the Federal Government. This news has come out at a stage when there... Read more »

Quebec Changes Building Repair Rules

Quebec has made new amendments to its labor relations act. With the new amendments, it is possible for healthcare facilities, educational institutions, charitable organizations, small landlords and small businesses to depend on... Read more »