Quebec Not Yet Ready To Handle Humboldt Type Crash

The chief surgeon of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team, David Mulder, is a worried man. He said that he could not sleep during the night when he heard about the bus crash... Read more »

Flood Victims Of Quebec Getting Impatient As Anniversary Approaches

It is going to be one year since the massive Quebec floods destroyed many homes. Even now, 77 of the flood victims are seeking shelter provided by the Red Cross. The Red... Read more »

Walmart Ends Support For Quebec Training Program

Walmart has withdrawn its support for the training program for people with intellectual disability. Walmart announced that they will no longer give on the job training to people with disabilities in Quebec... Read more »

Ethnic Nationalism Is Trending In Quebec Politics

Carlos Leitão of the Liberals opened a can of worms when he said that the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) that is, a set ahead of the Liberals in the elections is involved... Read more »

Quebec Seeing A Very Strong End To Skiing Season

The start of the skiing season in Quebec was not that good. It faced rough weather during the Christmas time. The skiing fortunes improved gradually and it looks like the March break... Read more »

Anti Corruption Unit Gets Broader Powers

The National Assembly of Quebec adopted liberal government’s bill 107. This bill gives more powers to the anti-corruption unit of the state (UPAC). The bill was passed on Wednesday with 61 votes... Read more »

No Conclusions Reached on Making Jan. 29 a Day Against Islamophobia

It is about a year since the Quebec City mosque shooting. This was an incident where six Muslim men were gunned down. The political leaders have still not come with an answer... Read more »

4.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Northern Quebec

The Natural Resources Canada reported that an earthquake of the magnitude of 4.1 struck Northern Quebec on the morning of 28th December 2017. The epicenter of the earthquake was about 200 kilometers... Read more »

Facebook Has Decided To Down Rank The Spam Posts Asking You To Tag Your Friends

Facebook, a known social networking site in the world has recently decided to punish the spammy posts via some of the viral publishers asking you again and again to tag a friend... Read more »

NumRush | A Fun Board Game That Changes How to Learn Math

This post was originally published on this siteComing from Vietnam, this board game has made Math Exciting for Kids everywhere by fun gameplay and engaging storytelling all over the world. Now the... Read more »